Friday, September 25, 2009

Reading...October Elle.

1. Victoria Beckham on the cover: AMAZING. Two covers were done, this one, and the subscriber's copy.

2. The makeup on Jessica Stam in the Bvlgari campaign totally snatched my attention from the actual jewelry.

3. Interestingly enough... that was the wrong pic. I've just realized the former was from the 2007-08 CAMPAIGN. THIS is the current one. Oddly similar, no? Recycled shoot, or stagnant stylist?

4. PhotoShop of Horrors: Is it me, or does Christy Turlington looks completely wonk-eyed in this latest ad for Roberto Coin? Yikes.

5. H&M; Fall ad campaign- the haircolor I have in my dreams, and the one I burned my hair off trying to attain. JEALOUSY BOYCOTT OF H&M; AND KAREN ELSON.

6. Lauren Luke had better watch her back. Become Elle's next beauty guru.

7. The incomparable Mr. Joe Zee profiles the new fashion elite: Bloggers!!! (Oh, and be sure to follow him on Twitter: @mrjoezee)

8. Ok...Nina Ricci - STOP. I'm all for high fashion, but some things are too TOO.

9. Ms. Ricci - please forward the memo to Peter Jensen. Bunny Glasses?!?! NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOO.

10. However, Topshop haunted house print items? This I can get behind.

11. I don't wear fur, but if I did it would totally be by Quentin Veron.

12. Looking for a statement bag for Fall? Save your money and buy one of these Jessica Cushman totes instead. My fave? "My other bag is Hermes". A girl can dream...

13. Looking for something more simple? This SASWTR bag looks like a brown paper grocery bag, but is actually done in suede and leather.

14. Joel McHale mini interview- SCORE. Love him even more, if possible!

15. MAC for DSQUARED2: I'm SUPER psyched that they're bringing back Feline Kohl...but Lip Erase? Just throw some foundation on your lips (blend to diffuse, add gloss of your choice) and call it a day.

16. Peter Phillips for Chanel gives great advice on how to wear eye gloss without looking like a fool.

17. Love, Loss, and What I Wore Feature: any surprise that Kate Lanphear's story stood out most?

And lastly,

18. Wait... is this Elle, or Maxim? Kanye "Ignorant Fool" West styles his girlfriend Amber "Holding onto these 15 mins of fame with an iron grip" Rose in a fashion editorial? In Elle? WHA? "West styles his muse in this season's most body conscious pieces". TRANSLATION: "Arrogant bastard styles the stripper he plucked from the pole in the sluttiest pieces he could find.". Finally, those years of stripping pay off: poses include "Spread Eagle", "Backshot Bend Over", and the classic "HEY! HERE'S MY ASS". Elle, I'm SO disappointed in you.


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