Monday, June 29, 2009

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A brand, merchant or public relations firm will sometimes send us a product to test and review on FerOHHHsh. We only review products we truly like and include a disclosure that the product was sent to us free for review.

We reserve the right to post honest review, whether favorable or unfavorable to the item in review. We also reserve the right not to post a review at all. Unless otherwise agreed upon prior to the review, all items will not be returned to the company.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Book (profiled)- Fabulous: All About 50+ Top Beauty Bloggers of 2010
by Nikki Zevola, Pub. Dec 2009

The Glamour Whore- 5 Questions for...Dani, Founder/Editor of FerOHHHsh (Interview)

Musings of an Ondo Lady- Fashioning February: My Space....Dani Sauro from ferOHHHsh (interview)

Racked LA- Tuesday PM Clickage 12/1/09(featured link)

 Racked LA- Thursday PM Clickage 11/5/09 (featured link)

Racked LA- Monday PM Clickage 11/3o/09 (featured link)

Racked LA- Thursday PM Clickage 12/10/09 (featured link)

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FashionIndie- Adam Lippes, Marc Jacobs, Nicole Miller & Ports 1961 Donate Seats To Provide Haitian Relief

Racked NY- Fashion Twits: The latest from the Industry Twitterati 1/29/10

Racked NY- Clickage 4/24/10 (featured link)
Racked NY- Clickage 5/25/10 (featured link)

SheFinds- Twitter Stalking the SATC2 Premiere

Saturday, June 6, 2009


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Monday, June 1, 2009


Editor-in-Chief Daniella Sauro is an editor, freelance fashion & beauty writer, and professional makeup artist who specializes in trend forecasting and education. Over a ten-year career in makeup artistry and styling, she's worked with Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox Studios, MAC Cosmetics, and has trained with the Fashion Institute of Technology, The Powder Group, and Emmy Award-Winning Artist Eve Pearl.

Aside from running the fab factory over here at FerOHHHsh, Daniella is a Beauty Editor at She regularly contributes as a beauty & style expert to various other sites, has been linked on Racked and RackedLA, and is profiled in the new book Fabulous: All About 50 Top Beauty Bloggers of 2010.

For the last three years, Daniella has been a workshop facilitator and ambassador for Dove's Campaign For Real Beauty Self-Esteem Fund, a program designed to promote and build self confidence in girls aged 8-17 through education resources, workshops, and hands-on activities. She also regularly volunteers for Operation Fairy Dust, which provides prom dresses and beauty services to high school girl in need.

Daniella's hobbies include shopping, baking, and mentally correcting people's grammar when they speak to her. In her free time, she designs accessories, plays a daily game of chicken with her credit limit, and spends as much time as socially acceptable inside of Sephora.

Daniella is also currently working on a beauty book geared toward both aspiring and established makeup artists, due in 2011.

Follow Daniella on Twitter: @coutortured

Associate Editor Lauren Quintana loves a good slingback but adores an even better pâte à choux. She specializes in the latest tips, tricks and techniques both in the food and fashion world. We've caught her using her daughters sippy cup as a champagne flute in desperation.

Being in the industry for close to ten years, Lauren is a noted Stila ambassador, former trainer and artist for Shiseido, Urban Decay, Vincent Longo, Make-Up Forever and twenty others she's probably forgetting. Lauren is a graduate of the Paul Mitchell Academy, has traveled as an ambassador for Sephora for several years and managed numerous salons along the way.

When not fighting the good fabulous fight here at FerOHHHsh, Lauren is founder and EIC of, a blog marrying Lauren's favorite things-food and fashion. Not so surprisingly, she also comes with a more serious side where she works to fight sex trafficking in our own backyard and works to help young girls who have been affected by the sex industry. Her research and posts can be found at

In her free time Lauren likes to grab something to eat or maybe go pee. Free time? Bitch, Please.

Follow Lauren on Twitter: @laurendamnit
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