Sunday, August 30, 2009

Obsession: Need Supply Co.


That last dress reminds me of the Geren Ford kimono tops I used to covet a few years back. Except cuter. And those Jeffrey Campbell wedges are calling my name.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Tim Gunn: Superhero.

Marvel Comics is set to release Loaded Gunn, an eight-page comic in which the Project Runway judge dons Iron Man's armor in order to save the fictional "New York Museum of Fashion".

Writer Marc Sumerak worked with Gunn to brainstorm plotlines, as well as to attribute to Gunn both signature catchphrases and lines adapted to the Marvel Comics universe. Example: “You know, there are far easier ways to accessorize than grand larceny.”

The story appears in conjunction with the Models Inc. series, which in turn has been revived from Seventies-era characters created to bring in more female readers. [WWD]

The Vogue 100.

For 117 years, Vogue magazine has celebrated the presence of women who define modern power, through grace, style, achievement and influence.

This past spring, Anna Wintour commissioned 100 stylish women to become a member of The Vogue 100, “an exclusive and elite group of of influential decision makers and opinion leaders known for their distinctive taste in fashion and culture."

The Vogue 100 will represent a group of women in New York, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, DC and San Francisco who personify the rising influence of women over the past several decades. Vogue has reported, celebrated and encouraged these changes with stories of women who imposed their influence across every aspect of our world: in politics, in media and entertainment, arts, philanthropy, and fashion.

As a member of The Vogue 100, these women will partner with designers to preview their collections; be the first to experience new products in fashion, beauty and luxury; be personally invited to exclusive Vogue events; and attend an annual trend breakfast with Vogue contributing editors.

...No word on whether Miranda Priestly was contacted for membership. ;p JK... but this sounds amazing. So jealous.

Reading... September W.

1. Kate Moss on the cover. When is she going to go away? I really don't find her edgy, attractive, or get her appeal.

2. Prada ad. I've already blogged about this, but I still die for these rain boots.

3. Everyone is doing this bag-in-bag style. Was there a memo?

4. Grrrrrr accordion Gap ad.

5. Jennifer Connelly for Balenciaga. Not bad, even though I usually have an aversion to Jennifer Connelly. Or is that Rachel Weisz? They look the same.

6. After seeing this Burberry Prorsum trench on Emma Watson in every single September issue, I've decided that I need it immediately.

7. Related, Emma Watson is turning into quite the clothing hanger. BEAUTIFUL. Anyone else think that she should quit acting altogether?

8. Profile on Galliano. YESSSSSSSSSSS.

9. Everyone is showing the Swarovski crystal toed Loubs. Maybe if I ignore them, they'll go away and I won't have to dream of them anymore.

10. Tom Ford ad. Perfection.

11. Profile on Alexander Wang. he seems to be "It" all of a sudden. Deservedly so. I'm still trying to get my hands on a Coco duffel.

12. Eva Herzigova for Escada. God, she looks old. Maybe it's that shot.

13. These JT Italia clutches are bananas.

14. Ok, Alberta Ferretti's ads are scaring me. The models look dead.

15. Love the vintage feel of the Sunday in the Park fashion story. [and it features the Prada wellies!] This picture is AMAZING.

16. Even more mind blowing, the Paper Bag Princess story. Pieces styled with the bags they came in, deconstructed into clothing. UH-MAZING.

I love the fashion stories in W, they're always so beautifully done. I used to paper my walls in high school with W spreads.

Kudos, W... especially for featuring the wellies I love so much in almost every story. Now I can't stop thinking about them.

I hope Prada sent you a muffin basket. Just sayin'.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Me, currently.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The geek fashion statement.

Calvin Klein's new sunglasses offer up a little storage with your UV protection. The USB shades feature a detachable arm that reveals a 4GB flash drive embedded inside.

Ok, these are coooooooool. I may not be fluent in geek, but I definitely studied it in high school. ;)

I showed them to a friend, and his expert opinion was that they would be bulky in order to hold the flash drive, but to me they seem sleek enough, and almost reminiscent of old school Wayfarers, no?

The glasses will be available in October in three different colors, and will retail for $199.


To Latisse or not to Latisse?

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE a full lash. I'm the girl wearing two or three pairs of falsies on a night out. I'm notorrrrrrrrrious for it.

Unfortunately, God did not bless me with the long, thick lashes that I waste $12 a weekend to achieve [But he did gift me with an indestructible head of hair, so fair's fair]. I've been seriously considering eyelash extensions, despite the hefty price tag and need for replacement appointments every 3 weeks or so.

Suffice to say, I was way too excited when a "miracle product" for sparse lashes arrived. Latisse, a prescription drug that is applied to the base of eyelashes, boasts longer lashes. It works by keeping hairs in their growth phase, producing longer, darker and thicker eyelashes.

Now, I have light amber colored eyes, so warnings of potential increased brown iris pigmentation (which is likely to be permanent) FREAK ME OUT. There are also reports of red, irritated eyelids while using this. NOT a good look.

On the "pro" side, the results advertised ARE impressive, but one should note that when you stop using the product, lashes do return to normal. Something to seriously consider, especially with the monthly price tag of $130.

I'm still on the fence about this the result worth the risk?

I won't lie and say I didn't geek out while watching this.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Elle gives homeless girl an internship...

A homeless girl and sometime blogger named Bri just secured an internship at Elle under advice columnist E. Jean.

Bri, who is reported to live in a Wal-Mart parking lot, saw an ad for writers and those with a passion for fashion to enter a competition to win an internship at Elle, which she did. Shortly thereafter, she received a call from Fremantle Media (American Idol, America's Got Talent), inviting her to audition for a new reality show for which the internship was the prize.

Bri went in for the audition but wrote in April that she bombed it, so she wrote Jean a letter to explain what had happened. Jean responded to the letter in her column, inviting her to intern with her for four months, stating that "at the end of the four months, if you don't have a job and an awesome place to live, I will become your intern." Bri just made contact with Jean and accepted the position yesterday.

Good luck to Bri and congrats!

My favorite moment of the Rachel Zoe premiere.

I know this is old news, the globes being in January and all, but I still die every time I see this picture of Eva.

Dress: Dior
Jewels: vintage Van Cleef & Arpels

This is how I look, in my fashion dreams. PERFECTION.

Mani-Pedi day!

After spending and hour scrubbing Punky Purple off of my toes I swore I'd leave the bright colors alone, in favor of a neat, clean manicure. [they never get it all off when I let them remove it. Neons are tough to remove, especially the darker ones, and they sort of just go over it once or twice with remover, and then attempt to file the rest off, which makes me cringe....and they still don't get it all.]

Of course once I walked in and was instructed to "pick a color", I gravitated right to the Essie neons again, and clutched Essie Punchy Pink in my hands while my eyes desperately scanned for something, anything, to divert my attention.

No such luck.

And BTW, three coats and still a smidge transparent in some areas, but I couldn't very well have her sit there all day. I'll say it again, neons are definitely not salon mani colors, IMO. They should be reserved for the privacy of your home, when you have the time and patience to expertly apply 4 or more coats to get the right opaqueness.


Sans flash:

Neither pic looks anywhere near what the color actually looks like in daylight, but since it's almost 11PM here, that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Would it be too Motley Crue of me to make Punchy Pink my go-to toe color? I went shoe shopping after my pedi, and I love, love, LOVE the way it looks peeking out of peep-toes!

Wintour does Letterman.

Wearing Carolina Herrera, an impeccably dressed Anna Wintour removed her trademark shades tonight to go eye to eye with David Letterman and promote The September Issue.

The interview began lightheartedly with a tongue-in-cheek critique of the host's socks, but grew slightly awkward as Letterman alluded to the frivolity of high fashion during the current recession. Despite Letterman's attempts to corner her, Wintour remained composed and cheekily defended the industry, Vogue, and herself against the digs. When Letterman asked what a person whose fashion budget was slashed to $20 by economic hardship might do with the money, Wintour replied; "Well, you could buy lipstick."

While the purported "ice queen" didn't exactly shake her elitist image [wincing more than once at the mention of her upcoming appearance at Macy's Queens during Fashion's Night Out], she managed to come off surprisingly affable, if not a bit mischievous...and not unlike someone you'd like to hang out and talk style with.

As long as you didn't work for her.

The Batmobile of bags.

Ok, I just discovered KM Rii. WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?!?

I could post the belts, wallets, cuffs... but I'd be here all night. Why isn't this line available anywhere?!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Me, currently.

Agenda: Fashion's Night Out 09.

My tentative plan is to stick in the vicinity of Madison, 5th, and the 60's ... with a few exceptions. Of course I'm going to hit the holy trinity... Bergdorf's, Barney's, and Bloomie's [custom painted Marc Jacobs tees!!!]... but there are some stand-alones that I'm dying to hit...time [and wallet!] permitting.

1. My girlfriend who is accompanying me that night is a huge Tory Burch fan, so she'll be dragging me to check out the festivites @ Burch's boutique in the meatpacking district. [Tory is hosting a neighborhood block party to celebrate Fashion’s Night Out. Deejay Cassidy will be spinning, La Esquina will be barbequing, and the Street Peeper will be snapping pictures of all the guests!.]

2. Saks boasts having 40 designers walking around the sales floors that night. [Donna Karan, Carolina Hererra, Elie Tahari, Giuseppe Zanotti, Josie Natori, Peter Som, Ralph Rucci, Geren Ford, Shoshanna Gruss, Kay Unger, the designers of jewelry line Faraone Mennella and many more. The biggest names in beauty such as Aerin Lauder, Bobbi Brown and Fredrick Fekkai will also visit Saks, along with world renowned makeup and beauty artists representing the foremost beauty brands. Customers can look forward to over 1,000 cosmetic giveaways.]

3. Chanel is doing CUSTOM HANDBAG DESIGN. That's right, design your own one-of-a-kind Chanel. Sweeter words have never been uttered.

4. Patricia Field. [Custom airbrush demonstrations, trunk shows from A-Morir by Kerin.Rose, Tom Tom Fashions, and Pavon by Luz & Victoria. Tom Tom Fashions will be customizing our Fashion’s Night Out T-shirts in his unique rock-’n’-roll-glamour style. Refreshments and a special appearance by Ms. Field.]

5. Roberto Cavalli, who will host the event at his boutique PERSONALLY. [The designer has chosen to celebrate his boutique’s ten-year anniversary with Fashion’s Night Out, which will feature ten fabulous archival gowns from ten years in New York. Guests will enjoy signature cocktails inspired by the gowns.]

6. Sephora will host the Temptu Living Museum as models are brought to life from the pages of Italian Vogue and the silverscreen from films such as The Stepford Wives, among other legendary Temptu makeup moments. [Shoppers and museum guests will have the opportunity to have a Temptu Transformation and put themselves in the pages of Temptu history with a live photoshoot and makeover on the mezzanine of the 5th Avenue Sephora store.]

7. J. Alexander will be giving runway lessons at H&M; Herald Square. I'm trying really hard not to geek out over this, but it's Miss J!!!

I'd better stop while I still can. A full list of retailers and events here.

Oh, and if anyone can tell me how to be in 20 places at once, I promise to make it worth your while.

Reading... September Elle

1. Jennifer Aniston on the cover. Gorgeous!!! I really don't get why she's such an underdog.

2.Really hating this accordian fold-out Gap jeans ad in every magazine this month. So annoying.

3. Emporio Armani ad: I love these sude boots with zipper detail.

4. Marion Cotillard for Lady Dior: What a beautiful woman.

5. Oooooh, sneaky CoverGirl!

6. LOOOOVE these Di Grisogono drop earrings.

7. Lacroix never disappoints.

8. So I opened all of the fragrance cards when I first went through the issue, and now every time I flip through it I smell some heavenly scent and rush to find it, and am again reminded that it's Jessica Simpson's new one, Fancy Love. UGH, JESSICA SIMPSON. Truthfully surprised because it initially smells like bug spray...who knew the dry down would be AMAZING? Currently brainstorming lies to tell when asked what scent I'm wearing.

9. Fall neon trend: love. Especially anything chartruese...almost bought a shirt that looked totally horrible on me the other day, solely because of it's vibrant hue! [Thankfully, common sense won.]

10. Christian Louboutin suede over the knee boot with mesh cutouts. I die.

11. As much as I'm NOT into Twilight, I respect all of you R-Patz crazies. Hell, i think I had a similar affliction in 1993 with Joey Lawrence, lol. But WHY are we sexualizing Taylor Lautner? Or more importantly, why is the media? HE'S 17! Considering that the franchise is going to be making movies probably through the rest of our lifetimes, can't we wait a year to drool publicly?!

12. Jennifer Aniston's interview and pictorial: Gorgeous. She always takes such beautiful pictures, I can't recall one layout I've seen where she looks anything less than amazing.

13. Fashion Story: Remains of the Day, model Sharan Bala. This Miu Miu dress is to die for.

14. Hmmm.. am I the only one not feeling this Balmain-esque sharp shoulder trend?

15. Missoni head scarf: yay or nay?

16. Another issue profiling Marc Jacobs: another YESSSSSSS.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

CoverGirl LashBlast Length

CoverGirl is launching a new addition to their cult following LashBlast mascaras: LashBlast Length. This new nylon-enhanced version promises 80% longer lashes and zero flaking.

I was going to wait for this to hit stores in September, but with all the buzz I've been hearing I had to order this pre-sale.

Well, It's here! [and in a quick few days, thanks Amazon!]

I was so excited to try it, I didn't bother to out on makeup or fill in my brows, so excuse my grossness. On to the pics!

Before pic: Bare lashes
After pic: 2x coats of LBL

Then I decided to try it with original LashBlast, to add volume.

I'm THRILLED. Clearly this does what it says it will. Ok, maybe not an 80% increase in length, but more than enough for me. The difference in before and after is amazing, and that's WITHOUT curling, primer, and my meticulous separation technique. I'll post more pics when I have time to really play with it.

Despite my fast, sloppy application, this is my new favorite, and possibly HG. CoverGirl, I'm officially impressed.

Do I dare?

Karl Lagerfeld Limited Edition 'Idol' Convertible Tote/Clutch

I can't decide if it's victim, or brilliant. Too trendy for Fashion Week?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Prada Wellies.

I am dyinggggggggg. And apparently, so is every fashion editor within a 500-mile radius, because almost every September issue has featured these Prada waders.

W featured them in almost every fashion story in the issue.

I have to have these. No, you don't understand. I HAVE TO. I have an odd fascination with wellies, and was considering the Choo for Hunter boots...but these are insane. I can't even function. Every time I see them, I just pause, stare, and imagine the outfits I'd pair them with. I might just run around the city, splashing in puddles and hiding under store awnings. They're so chic, I don't even think I'd take them off once safely indoors.

Ohhhh Prada.

Two Lips at Victoria's Secret.

Funky Limelight.

Ok, I couldn't wait anymore. The horrible polish from my nightmare manicure was peeling like old wallpaper.

Sans flash:

With flash:

Natural light:

I LOOOOOOOVE IT, but this is DEFINITELY not a DIY color unless you have patience for days. To put it bluntly, it was a pain in the ass. Coat upon coat, and it streaks like whoa as soon as it hits air...Maybe I got a bad bottle or something. You have to get this on FAST, which explains why my left hand looks better than my right.

On the other hand this is not a great salon pick either. I can't see the standard basecoat-two laquer-topcoat procedure working with this, unless your manicurist is David Blaine or something. Let her know beforehand that you're going to need at LEAST 4 coats.

And yes, I'm still rocking Perky Purple on my toes.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Faut souffrir pour être belle!

After ALL that shopping, I played it safe with basic black for my meeting today. I actually had planned to wear a BRIGHT coral top, but changed minutes before walking out the door. I'm chicken.

However, I finally got to wear these babies...for the first and last time. My feet are crying.

They're Forever21, and not available anymore. I bought them a while ago and completely forgot about them. They weren't comfortable then either, but they're soooo pretty!

Reading... September Vogue.

1. Charlize on the cover, pretty. Safe, but pretty.

2. Michael Kors ad. LOVE the bag.

3. K-MART ad in Vogue? Exactly HOW bad are things over there?

4. Tiffany & Co. Key Collection. Keys are back in style? Have they really run out of ideas already?

5. Baby Phat ad. Ohhhh, Baby Phat. Pretty, Chic, Amazing, Stiletto? Really, you couldn't think of another word with a T in it? And Kimora, I do not find you fashionable. And you look bloated in the Fall campaign...even photoshop couldn't hide that. [psst, call Mariah's retoucher.] Maybe you should stop modeling in your own ads...just a thought. Leave the modeling to the, well, models. Your modeling days are over sweetie, the jig is up.

6. Judith Ripka $1000 gift card. Makes that $32,000 cuff so much more affordable.

7. Jimmy Choooooooooo. Tamara Mellon is a genius.

8. Pages advertising The September Issue: 2

9. Pages advertising Fashion's Night Out: 4 [two ads and a two page editorial.]

10. What exactly is Leigh Lezark famous for?

11. Another Kmart ad, this time full page and in color. Yikes.

12. Davidoff cigarettes? I guess Cool Water couldn't pay the bills forever.

13. Showing red and black as trend AGAIN this month, this time with a huge fashion story: the Little Red Riding Hood-themed, Into The Woods. I would once again like to direct your attention to this post.

Ms. Wintour, I'll be awaiting my check...or designer swag. Your choice.

Siriano for Payless.

Yesterday while running around the mall in a frenzy an hour before close [trying to find the perfect outfit for a meeting today], I stumbled upon Payless...and my brian instantly screamed "ooh, that's right! Siriano!".

They only had three styles available, and I was LESS than impressed with them. A brown flat with chain detail, a brown ankle-strap pump with conical heel, and the same peep toe pump in black, all seen here. [oddly, the flat is not available online yet.]

The brown patent was NOT for me, so ugly IMO. I was about to pass on the black as well, but figured I may as well try it on.

Surprisingly cuter on, and way cuter in these photos than in person. I'll be passing on these.

But as I was walking out I spotted a cobalt blue bootie from Lela Rose for Payless, which I wasn't even aware of.

It's super cute, and will look amazing with tights and a skirt this fall. I'm all about the cobalt.

And I'm pissed at myself...I was going to post this last night but was exhausted, and scooped me today with the exact same bootie! Bah!

I left them at the store [clock was ticking], but I think I have to have these.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Can you spot the difference?

Answer? $150

Bebe: $248
Dolce Vita: $398

Madame Puppeteer.

Reading... September InStyle

1. J-Lo on the cover? Ehh. For some reason, the cover makes me think of Christmas.

2. Really loving the Fall DKNY ads. They've consistently stopped me in my tracks in every September issue so far.

3. Mmm... cute, salt & pepper-haired guy in Tommy ad. Who are you?

*Ooh, found him. Ben Hill for Wilhemina. Yum.

4. Rihanna wearing McQueen booties...with a skull zipper. I need them.

5."Fergie's elaborate choker". Did it last month, and did it better. Old news.

6. Elizabeth Banks for L'oreal: Are you sure? Holy Photoshop. I didn't even know it was her until I checked the notes.

7. Designer Profile: Marc Jacobs for Vuitton. YESSSSSSSSS.

8. Bright wool coats for Fall/Winter. Thumbs up. Cobalt? Saffron? Purple? [*Ed note: throw a ribbon belt around it for a completely different look, as seen here.]

9. TONS of pretty hair accessories, plus DIY tips. jewels, ribbons, spikes, LOVE. Some ideas here.

10. Dashing Diva Gelife manicure...interesting. Replaces traditional laquer with two coats of UV gel, and promises to last up to two weeks. Starting in September, available in new shades: Darkest Burgundy, Deep Red, Taupe Brown, Beige, Hot Pink, and Coral Orange ... along with the original Clear, Cool Pink, and Warm Pink. [ for locations]

11. That Michael Kors scented pen again! is $25 too ridiculous for a pen? The ink is perfumed!

12. Matte nails for Fall. I'll pass, but if that's your thing, don't bother stocking up on a million different shades. Essie's Matte About You turns any shade matte. $10 and your Fall polish wardrobe is done.

15. Reversible, detachable, convertible... Multi-task clothing. More space in your closet, more money in your pocket. Win/win.

Now to tackle Vogue...

Spare closet space.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Me, currently.

Cracking September Vogue. Wish me luck!

Anyone want to lend me, oh, about $4k?

Vuitton has been consistently impressing me this season.

The 3-in-1 bags are KILLING me.