Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pamela Love Dagger Rosary

I just fell in LOVE with this dagger rosary @ Bona Drag:

Which is even cuter worn backwards:


Black No. 1

Hmm, after finding those shoes below, I decided to browse the rest of Marjan's stuff. So off kilter and fab. Lauren is gonna LOVE this shit.

Best Friend necklaces, let me upgrade ya.

Only question is: Who's who? ;)

Super cute IGWT "Sweet Nothings" necklaces, $40 @ Bona Drag.

Marjan Pejoski ‘Zebra’ Shoes

Um... I really don't even have to say anything, do I?

$550 @ kokontozai.

Lekuin Designs S/S 2010

I can't decide if I love this collection, or hate it. It's bordering on ho-stroll.

I should note that Lekuin designer Leticia Garcia creates from scraps of 100% Organic materials, making the line totally eco-friendly.

Does anyone own any Lekuin? Thoughts?


Charlotte Olympia Dolly Canvas Pump

The only thing more over the top than Stanford and Anthony's wedding in SATC2 was the shoes Carrie wore to it.

The Dolly canvas pump by Charlotte Olympia (I actually guessed YSL, but a fashionista can be wrong.... once) is the shoe dreams are made of. I'm pretty obsessed with the gold platform, and the spiderweb logo on the underside. Shoegasm. Loubiwho?

Ok, so that last sentence was blasphemous. Please don't revoke my card.

$715, and already sold out @ Net-a-porter.

Faren S/S 2010

I'll take one of everything, thanks.

Rarely does a line come along where I love EVERY single piece... you know, where each piece is better than the last and you feel you should freeze your credit card in an ice block before viewing any further.

Canadian label Faren, is one of those lines....recently brought to my attention, and I'm obsessed. Check out why after the jump, and I recommend orange juice for the ice block....can't read the number through it. ;)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Druzy, mah nuzzy

Dara Ettinger

Tigahhhhh Style

Ok, so Lauren posted about the Sephora/OPI minx-esque nail thingies, and I was iffy. $15 is a bit much to eff my own nails up.

Then I saw the anchor design... and well, nautical + Dani = tale as old as time. I ran to Sephora, found the last pack of that design left, and... was seriously disappointed. Left them in the store.

But after seeing this, courtesy of BleachBlack?

... I'm running back, stat. AMORE.

Not in My Backyard

Follow my heart and you will find it leads directly to kicking the ass of sex trafficking. In our own backyard, girls as young as ten are either kidnapped or lured away with the promise of a better life only to instead be raped, beaten and held hostage by the person who has promised to love and care for them.

The gift of love and money come with a price: prostitution. Sex trafficking. Human trafficking. Slavery.

Call it what you want...except a chosen path. Turning a blind eye to our own girls yet opening our hearts to the victims of trafficking in other countries is shameful and unreal, however it happens DAILY. We're arresting and criminalizing Kesha from the Bronx for being a victim, while lending our hearts and sympathies to a young girl in Russia.

A Girl Like Me from Shoe Revolt on Vimeo.

I have worked with GEMS and stop modern day slavery in the fight against our pimp culture. While researching other charities for this cause I came across Shoe Revolt and instantly became filled with joy. Shoes and my favorite cause!

The store does not officially open online until August 1, but if this were a brick and mortar store I would be in line like a crazed Star Wars...Trek, whatever, fan ten minutes ago
Here's the plan: YOU send in your current, on trend shoes in excellent condition to Shoe Revolt/ UPS, 11712 Jefferson Ave. Ste. C #432, Newport News, VA 23606-4406.

Please don't send over your funky LA Gears from '91. We're trying to save lives here!

Once the store opens, the donated shoes will be listed for sale, and all profits will go towards helping victims of human trafficking-- through building support housing, rescue shelters, and creating educational scholarships.

Recently Sarah Jessica Parker donated some of her shoes to the cause. You've wanted to be SJP for how long? Keep following her footsteps!

ferOHHHsh wishes Shoe Revolt nothing but the best, ridiculous amounts of gorgeous shoes and sales through the roof.

We'll be here to handle anyone who sends you those beat up LA Gears.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Daddy, I'm gonna change my name to Sinna Bunz.

The trend that won't die: clear heels.


Stripper in a tourniquet. Not having it.


Ok Fendi. You got this one. Love these.


Now I know where my grandmothers' chandelier went. Mmhm. Looking at you, Prada. Theif.


Shut up. I totally adore these.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Editor's Picks: All Saints

1. Katana Beach Dress, $260.00

Love this beach coverup, and it can double as a dress with some killer shoes.

2. Taylor Bag, $215.00

FRINGE. need I say more? You know how your girl loves the hippie fringe.

3. Sechin Racer Dress, $305.00

The detailing on this is amazingggggggg. Killer with some Jeffrey Campbell wedges.

4. Suede Stud Military Cuff Boot, $255.00

I love the look of pre-worn leather, and I can never resist studs. It's an illness.

5. Goldie Dress, $170

It's hard to do prep and boho at the same time without looking cartoonish, but this dress got it right!

6. Suede Vala Shoe, $210.00

These shoes are out of control. The lace up detail and the suede on gloss make them super sexy.

7. Yonina Kaftan, $220.00

My FAVE piece. Again with the beading, but I'm so into boho. I'm gonna obsess over this until it's mine.

8. Porisan Long Kaftan, $190.00

I love how this dress has a retro, almost pin-up feel while still being completely modern.

All available @ All Saints.

Put on ya shitkickers and kick some shit

$125, $98, and $98, LitterSF

Party Dressed

Gold Lux Dress, $700

Black And Fuchsia Sequin Dress, $380


Pop a wrist bone


Oh hi, amazing boots

More here: Romance Was Born x Terry Biviano A/W '10

Dion Lee Autumn/Winter 2010

More: Dion Lee.
Images via.

Erica Weiner = love

Erica Weiner is a girl after my own heart. She also did that pen nib necklace I posted before.

This time she's hitting me in the inner fortune teller with this brass wax seal ring. The hand-cast brass ring was modified from a 19th-century wax seal discovered in an antique shop in Glasgow, Scotland. The text, "MAY IT WATCH O'ER YOU", reads backwards in mirror-image; when pressed into hot wax a relief image is imprinted legibly. A 1.5mm pink-tinged ruby is set into the center of the eye motif. When Erica added a ring base to the original stamp, she left as much rustic detail as possible intact to reference it's history as a well-loved utilitarian object.


Erica Weiner Watch O'er You Ring, $80

Shay Todd Cut Out Swimsuit

Suuuuuuuuuuuper cute bathing suit slash summer top. Want!

Shay Todd.

Oh my damn...Jeffrey Campbell “Slash Tick”

Jeffrey Campbell “Slash Tick” OTK Boot, $190

Editor's Picks: Nasty Gal

1. Cheap Monday Stell Tie-Dye Dress, $55.00

Love the asymmetrical drape detail of this dress, but what really got me was the back detail. Sick.

2. Jeffrey Campbell Prospect Cutout Oxford, $98.00

I've been wanting a pair of oxfords since I missed out on the Lela Rose Payless version, but every pair I find look too librarian for me. The cut out detail on these keeps them from looking frumpy.

3. Deux Lux Bonbon Mini Pouch, $80.00

I don't know what it is about this bag, but it's super cute and I can't take my eyes off it. Great to dress up those lazy rompers I love so much.

4. Wildfox Valley Girl Tee, $64.00


5. Deux Lux Supernova Bucket Bag, $94.00

Ok, so I don't need this, and I have no idea what I'll wear it with...but boy, is it pretty. Sequins = brain freeze.

6. Piper Tie Dye Dress, $72

Another tie dye...I loved the cut, and the colors are pretty without being precious. I think the tie dye gives it a toughness. Let's hope I don't pair it with my fringe....my headbands already make me loo like enough of a gypsy.

All at Nasty Gal.

Port out, starboard home

Coming off of that Sephora/OPI post Lauren did the other day, I've decided that I can't live without this anchor design. I'm walking a fine line between chic and cartoon character. I am WACKO for anything nautical these days.


Lislie Yeung Autumn/Winter 2010

Lawwwwwwwd have mercy.

Lislie Yeung

Rihanna needs to have a seat

Sombody needs to knock some sense into Rihanna, with that god-awful Woody Woodpecker hair.

Where's Chris Brown? I doubt he's busy.